It Is What It Is: Thoughts on Acceptance


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Sometimes I get this feeling that the general consensus is that accepting things as they are is a total cop-out. An act of complacency left for those who are too damn lazy to actually make shit happen.

I’ve read a few articles lately reinforcing this, saying how “It is what it is” (or other iterations of the saying) are just excuses, and proof of the apathy in our culture. But I’m not so sure.

That saying is basically a family mantra. Particularly at the summer cabin I grew up in – where the slat walls have holes to the outdoors, the kitchen roof used to leak if it rained too hard,  and the old motor boat (R.I.P.) was known for leaving us stranded in the middle of the lake with two mismatching oars to row us home.

“It is what is,” we say with a chuckle and move the bucket an inch to the right, aiming to catch a few more rain drops.

And we love it. Every creaky floor board, every hole in the wall, even the massive boulder that used to lean against the house literally pushing the cabin into the water.

We’ve accepted that it sure as shit ain’t perfect, but we love it. Because it’s home.

But what about another home? You know, your body? The one you walk around in all day, every day, generally hating on and refusing to accept it for what it is, because it is so not what it’s “supposed to be.” And you know that if you could change that one damn thing, then everything would be perfect.

See, I’m proposing a shift.

A mind-shift away from refusing to accept the one body you’ve been given as something more than a hunk of junk that needs constant “improvement.” A shift towards realizing acceptance just might be the key to real change after all.

Acceptance of your Thunder Thighs, Buddah Belly, or that junk in your trunk does NOT render you some washed-up freak who’s “given up” on her body. *Click to Tweet!*

It Is What It Is |

Acceptance as a way of showing that all that is - the moments, choices and actions that led to things as they currently are, are all exactly what needed to happen. And exactly what needs to be your current reality in order to finally grasp some appreciation, some gratitude, some OUTRIGHT LOVE for all that is.

What if instead, this acceptance, this weird foreign act of SELF LOVE was a catalyst? What if finally laying down your weapons in the war against your body created space for change, instead of DEMANDING change?

Some pretty crazy things just might start to happen to that home of yours.

Instead of agonizing over arms that are never thin enough, what if that acceptance created time for a regular yoga practice – a way to exercise without hating every damn minute of it. And then, all of a sudden those arms you were so desperately wishing away, suddenly were capable of holding you upside down in a headstand like it ain’t no thang??

Those hours spent poking & prodding at bits of flesh, willing them to disappear, could instead be spent exploring, hiking, planning a trip, learning a new language, starting a new business, making new friends. What if??

The cabin on the lake wasn’t exactly “Home & Garden” ready when my parents first bought it 20 years ago. Over the years small tweaks have been made. Slowly but surely it’s becoming more of what my folks had in mind from the beginning. The original run-down cabin though? We loved every inch of it; and as it changes over the years, we only love it more.

“It is what it is” right now, yes. And maybe what is right now isn’t what you’d expected it to be.

But there are a million and one possibilities of what could be, if you can learn to be ok with what is.

Shine on,


What do YOU need to try and accept in order to create the space for change? Leave a comment below and let me know!
14 Responses to “It Is What It Is: Thoughts on Acceptance”
  1. Marissa

    Gorgeous post my love. Love that little cabin on the lake and you :)

    • emily

      Love love love you, thank you for always reading. Can’t tell you how much it means to me <3

  2. Shannon


  3. Abel

    Emily, this is a truly beautiful post. Much needed and will be appreciated by many. You’re awesome.

    • emily

      Oh Abel, can’t tell you how much that means to me… Thank you for sharing, and thank you for letting me be a part of the FBM World domination too ;)

  4. Eric

    This came at exactly the right moment, that time of year when giving in to indulgences can feel catastrophically like giving up. And it’s a reminder that the road that brought me to whatever shape I’m in, physical or spiritual, gos both ways. Thank you.

    • emily

      Yes! This time of year can be SO easy to fall into the “giving up” mentality with hopes of “starting fresh” in the New Year. I say pshhhh & rock whatcha got – like you said both physically AND spiritually. Beautifully said. Thanks for stopping by Eric! :)

  5. Erin

    Excellent reminder! My body is what it is after having three children, but I wouldn’t EVER change that. If we just keep on trucking and enjoy the blessing in our lives, isn’t that what really matters?

    • emily

      YES! Exactly Erin, and those 3 little munchkins are pretty flippin’ awesome too. ;) Thank you for stopping by! xo

      • Erin

        I ran 2.5 miles yesterday because I wanted to. It felt good and I enjoyed myself. That’s what it’s all about!!

        • emily

          Ah! Love it Erin!! That’s what it’s all about is right. ;)

  6. Denny

    Hey Emily,
    I just now stumbled on to your blog. Duh…I guess I’ve been living under a rock! You’re awesome! Very inspiring-thanks! And Happy New Year!

    • emily

      Yay! Hi Denny! Glad you found me :) Thanks so much for reading and a VERY happy New Year to you as well!

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